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a semi clone of the classic frogger game
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#Frogger clone:

notes for grader:

extra features added:

  • random player sprite image when page is loaded
  • keeps track of score
  • keeps track of "deaths"

Instructions for running:

Play online! download/clone the repository and open the index.html file in your favorite browser.

game instructions:

  • to Score: Move the player across the screen with arrow keys to try and reach the water.
  • if you get hit by a giant bug you will die and a counter will be added to the "death" tracker.

external sources used sources:

RANDOM ARRAYS - stackoverflow

html5 canvas - w3schools

update JS value: - stack overflow

keyboard movment in Js - eloquentjs


Students should use this rubric:!/c-ud015/l-3072058665/m-3072588797

for self-checking their submission.

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