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<!-- Thebe configuration for live code cells (
If the page contains a code cell (a `pre` tag with a sage prompt), a
dedicated Activate button is added in the top right corner.
When pressed, the code cells are made active: the user can edit and
run them.
More specifically, when pressed (thebe_activate_button_function):
- the thebelab JavaScript library is fetched from the web;
- each code block containing a sage: prompt is made active (thebe_activate_cells)
(editable + Run button);
- if the page is served by a Jupyter server which has a sagemath
kernel, a local jupyter kernel is requested(thebe_bootstrap_local);
- otherwise a kernel is requested from mybinder (
<script type="text/x-thebe-config">
thebeConfig = {
binderOptions: {
repo: "sagemath/sage-binder-env",
stripPrompts: {
inPrompt: 'sage: ',
continuationPrompt: '....: ',
selector: 'pre:contains("sage: ")',
kernelOptions: {
name: "sagemath",
requestKernel: true
<!-- Load the Thebe activation and status field library !-->
<script src="{{ pathto('_static/thebe_status_field.js', 1) }}" type="text/javascript"></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="{{ pathto('_static/thebe_status_field.css', 1) }}"/>
<!-- Test whether some code cell contains Sage code
If yes, setup the ThebeLab activation and status field !-->
$(function() {
var cellSelector = "pre:contains('sage: ')";
if ($(cellSelector).length > 0) {
$('<div class="thebe_status_field" style="position: fixed; right:0;"></div>')