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Trac #27218: Ensure that the same libtool that was used to build GAP …

…is also

installed to fulfill GAP's package building toolchain

Also fix up and gac so that they contain the correct paths to
our "installed" GAP_ROOT.
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embray committed Feb 5, 2019
1 parent 0cb4942 commit ca94bd97d73ee544c273fbb28cb774b3af12ecb6
Showing with 22 additions and 4 deletions.
  1. +1 −1 build/pkgs/gap/package-version.txt
  2. +21 −3 build/pkgs/gap/spkg-install
@@ -1 +1 @@
@@ -4,7 +4,9 @@

cd src


# Enable debug info if requested.
# Note that -g3 allows you to use preprocessor macros in gdb which are widely used
@@ -43,6 +45,10 @@ mkdir -p "$SAGE_DESTDIR$SAGE_BIN" || sdh_die "Failed to create the directory $SA
# GAP_ROOT; we don't need everything from the source tree
sdh_install bin doc gen grp lib src tst "$GAP_ROOT"

# GAP's copy of libtool is also used by the toolchain for build GAP packages
# (i.e. by gac)
sdh_install libtool "$GAP_ROOT"

# Install only the minimal packages GAP needs to run
sdh_install pkg/GAPDoc-* pkg/primgrp-* pkg/SmallGrp-* pkg/transgrp "$GAP_ROOT"/pkg

@@ -76,16 +82,28 @@ chmod +x "$SAGE_DESTDIR$SAGE_BIN/gap"

# Create symlinks under $GAP_ROOT for these executables, as they are expected
# (especially when building kernel packages) to exist
ln -sf "$SAGE_BIN/gap-bin" "$SAGE_DESTDIR$GAP_ROOT/gap"
ln -sf "$SAGE_BIN/gac" "$SAGE_DESTDIR$GAP_ROOT/gac"
ln -sf "$SAGE_BIN/gap-bin" "$DESTDIR_GAP_ROOT/gap"
ln -sf "$SAGE_BIN/gac" "$DESTDIR_GAP_ROOT/gac"

# Fix the $GAP_ROOT/bin/<arch>/src symlink to be relative (otherwise it links
# to the actual path of the sources GAP was compiled from)
for srclink in "$SAGE_DESTDIR$GAP_ROOT"/bin/*/src; do
for srclink in "$DESTDIR_GAP_ROOT"/bin/*/src; do
rm -f "$srclink"
ln -s "../../src" "$srclink"

# Additional fixups for some files after they have been copied into their
# destination directory. gac and are generated files that contain
# in them hard-coded references to the GAP build directory, which will soon
# be going away. This breaks the build toolchain for some compiled GAP
# packages. We need to replace these paths with the final GAP_ROOT path. The
# below will work so long as neither of these paths contain '|', and if they do
# then god help you.
sed -i -e "s|$GAP_BUILD_ROOT|$GAP_ROOT|g" \
"$DESTDIR_GAP_ROOT/bin/" "$DESTDIR_GAP_ROOT/doc/make_doc" || \
sdh_die "Failed to fix up hard-coded paths in GAP build tools."

# TODO: This seems unnecessary--we are already installing all of doc/ to
# GAP_ROOT, which is necessary for some functionality in GAP to work. Do
# we need this? Maybe doc/gap could just be a symlink to gap/doc??

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