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Generic Database Adapter
The database is used for storing execute requests and
permalinks, as well as any extra logging required by
the web server and/or backend.
Various classes can extend this :class:`DB` class in
order to allow for a choice of the database used.
class DB(object):
Abstract base class for database adaptors.
def __init__(self):
raise NotImplementedError
def new_exec_msg(self, msg):
Add an exec_request message to the database to be
retrieved by :meth:`get_exec_msg`.
:arg dict msg: a JSON-compatible message containing
code to be executed by the kernel.
raise NotImplementedError
def get_exec_msg(self, ident):
Retrieve an exec_request message from the database
matching a unique identifier.
:arg str ident: a unique identifying value for the
requested message.
:returns: a string version of the requested message
:rtype: str
raise NotImplementedError
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