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Test Scripts

Timing Utilities

Timing Tests


Here are some tests that should be written:

  • an interact (maybe where the user waits a small random amount of time, then "moves the slider", another small random amount of time and "changes an input", etc.

  • upload a file, do some operation on the file, and then get the result (and the resulting file)

  • a longer computation than just summing two numbers. Maybe a for loop that calculates a factorial of a big number or something.

  • generate a file in code (maybe a matplotlib plot) and download the resulting image

  • Exercise the "Sage Mode" --- that should also be an option for all of the above

  • Sage-specific preparser tests.

  • tests exercising memory and cputime limits:

    import time
    for i in range(20):
        print get_memory_usage()

    or for time limits:

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