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import pickle
import threading
import uuid
import zmq
class AsyncSender(object):
Manages asynchronous communication between a trusted
manager with multiple threaded requests and multiple
untrusted devices.
def __init__(self):
self._dealers = {}
self.context = zmq.Context()
self.router = self.context.socket(zmq.ROUTER)
self.poll = zmq.Poller()
self.poll.register(self.router, zmq.POLLIN)
self.poller = threading.Thread(target=self._run)
self.poller.daemon = True
def _run(self):
Background polling mechanism to send / receive
messages to and from the ROUTER socket and various
untrusted DEALER sockets.
When the ROUTER receives a message, it sends that to
the designated DEALER or sends the received message
back to the original sender if the designated DEALER
is not registered.
When a registered DEALER receives a message, it is
sent using the ROUTER to the correct recipient
(the original sender).
This method should *always* be run in a separate
thread, and no other threads should try to use or
monitor the bound ROUTER socket or any connected
registered DEALER sockets since ZMQ sockets are not
while True:
sockets = dict(self.poll.poll())
# If the ROUTER socket has received anything
if sockets.get(self.router) == zmq.POLLIN:
(source, sink, msg) = self.router.recv_multipart()
if sink in self._dealers:
sock = self._dealers[sink]
sock.send_multipart([source, msg])
self.router.send_multipart([source, source, msg])
# If any DEALER socket has received anything
for dealer_id in self._dealers.keys():
sock = self._dealers[dealer_id]
if sockets.get(sock) == zmq.POLLIN:
(dest, msg) = sock.recv_multipart()
self.router.send_multipart([dest, dealer_id, msg])
def register_computer(self, host, port, comp_id):
This registers an untrusted computer and sets up a
DEALER socket to the specified host:port over TCP.
:arg str host: The host of the untrusted machine
:arg Int port: Port on the untrusted machine that
has a DEALER socket bound for communication
:arg str comp_id: A unique ID for the registered
DEALER socket.
sock = self.context.socket(zmq.DEALER)
sock.connect("tcp://%s:%d" % (host, port))
self._dealers[comp_id] = sock
self.poll.register(sock, zmq.POLLIN)
def send_msg(self, msg, comp_id):
Sends a message to a given untrusted computer and
returns the reply.
A short-lived in-process ZMQ socket is created to
the Sender's ROUTER socket and multipart messages
are used to asynchronously send the message to the
correct untrusted DEALER socket and return the
correct reply message.
:arg dict msg: message to send
:arg str comp_id: identifier returned by
register_computer corresponding to a unique
:returns: reply message from the untrusted side, or
None if an invalid ID was specified
sock = self.context.socket(zmq.DEALER)
sock.setsockopt(zmq.IDENTITY, str(uuid.uuid4()))
sock.send(comp_id, zmq.SNDMORE)
source = sock.recv()
reply = sock.recv_pyobj()
return reply if source == comp_id else None
def send_msg_async(self, msg, comp_id, callback):
sock = self.context.socket(zmq.DEALER)
sock.setsockopt(zmq.IDENTITY, str(uuid.uuid4()))
stream = zmq.eventloop.zmqstream.ZMQStream(sock)
def on_recv(msg):
reply = pickle.loads(msg[1])
callback(reply if msg[0] == comp_id else None)
sock.send(comp_id, zmq.SNDMORE)