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Installation of the Sage notebook from github

The current development version of the Sage notebook is present in github. Since this development version is not yet merged into the Sage distribution, one needs to follow a couple of additional steps to have a working development version of the Sage notebook.

Installation Steps

The steps one needs to follow are outlined below.

  1. First install the latest development version of Sage from the sagemath website.

  2. Next, follow the directions in ticket 13121 to upgrade your notebook to version 0.10.1 (or the latest version).

  3. Create a fork of the sagenb git repository on the github website. To create the fork, go to sagenb and click on "Fork" on the upper right corner of the webpage.

  4. Clone your fork on to your local machine as follows. Note that the SAGE_ROOT variable below corresponds to the directory in which the Sage distribution is present, and username is your login name in github:

    $ cd SAGE_ROOT/devel
    $ git clone sagenb-github
    $ rm sagenb
    $ ln -s sagenb-github sagenb
    $ cd sagenb
    $ ../../sage --python develop
  5. You can also add the sagenb git repository as a remote branch called upstream:

    $ git remote add upstream
    $ git fetch upstream
  6. You are now all set to work with the development version of the Sage notebook!

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