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Trac #7002: Fixes minor documentation about %auto in notebook

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1 parent dbf3674 commit 05d432d29d54c6d2e749ae6cb946abec67511840 @kcrisman kcrisman committed
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2 sagenb/notebook/
@@ -397,7 +397,7 @@ def f(n):
('Interactive Dynamic Widgets',
'Put @interact on the line before a function definition. Type interact? for more details.'),
('Autoevaluate Cells on Load',
- 'Any cells with "#auto" in the input is automatically evaluated when the worksheet is first opened.'),
+ 'Type "%auto" on a line by itself at the beginning of a cell to automatically evaluate the cell when the worksheet is first opened.'),
'Type "%time" at the beginning of the cell.'),

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