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#10118: upgrade Sphinx to upstream version 1.0.4

Update doctests to conform to Sphinx 1.0.4.
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1 parent d89a56e commit 8a578e84e006cd814b7b93a022b6e7c536827427 Minh Van Nguyen committed
Showing with 3 additions and 3 deletions.
  1. +3 −3 sagenb/misc/
6 sagenb/misc/
@@ -67,11 +67,11 @@ def sphinxify(docstring, format='html'):
sage: from sagenb.misc.sphinxify import sphinxify
sage: sphinxify('A test')
- '<div class="docstring">\n \n <p>A test</p>\n\n\n</div>'
+ '\n<div class="docstring">\n \n <p>A test</p>\n\n\n</div>'
sage: sphinxify('**Testing**\n`monospace`')
- '<div class="docstring"...<strong>Testing</strong>\n<span class="math"...</p>\n\n\n</div>'
+ '\n<div class="docstring"...<strong>Testing</strong>\n<span class="math"...</p>\n\n\n</div>'
sage: sphinxify('`x=y`')
- '<div class="docstring">\n \n <p><span class="math">x=y</span></p>\n\n\n</div>'
+ '\n<div class="docstring">\n \n <p><span class="math">x=y</span></p>\n\n\n</div>'
sage: sphinxify('`x=y`', format='text')
sage: sphinxify(':math:`x=y`', format='text')

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