Fix Issue 184 #194

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ppurka commented Dec 25, 2013

This restores openid functionality in >=sage-5.12 and fixes #184

ppurka added some commits Dec 25, 2013
@ppurka ppurka catch LookupError from openid creation 832b651
@ppurka ppurka add Flask-OldSessions to dependencies 08e58f5
@ppurka ppurka also add Flask-OldSessions to
This will allow one to install sagenb completely offline.
@ppurka ppurka finally, modify flask to use the old session cookie interface
this is needed to get openid to work properly.
this should fix #184.
Note: openid also requires account creation to be enabled.
@ppurka ppurka Also limit the range for pytz
Newer versions break sage -t src/sage/ on Mac OSX
ohanar commented Dec 29, 2013

This seems fine to me. We should probably also do another version bump.

ppurka commented Dec 29, 2013


I will push some more commits to it

  1. The first one will add an option -s to which will repackage only the sagenb repository. This avoids redownloading all the dependencies over and over again.
  2. The second one will update the version to 0.10.8
ppurka added some commits Dec 29, 2013
@ppurka ppurka Add a -s option to
This will allow one to repackage sagenb with only the changed
files in sagenb itself.
Otherwise, every time is run, it redownloads all the
dependencies all over again. It is waste of time and bandwidth.

With this -s switch, you can avoid redownloading all the
dependencies while packaging sagenb.
@ppurka ppurka Update the version to 0.10.8 7f86198
ppurka commented Dec 29, 2013

Merging this.

@ppurka ppurka merged commit a03f669 into sagemath:master Dec 29, 2013
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