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CoCalc Xpra

What is this?

This is an HTML5 Javascript client for https://xpra.org/. It makes it so CoCalc can use Xpra to provide x11 support, which is used by the x11-editor plugin.

This code could probably be used separately from CoCalc, but that is left as an exercise for now.


The history of this code is:

  1. many Xpra developers spent several years writing an HTML5 client for Xpra. It's written in an "old" Javascript style, and meant to support a very wide range of old browsers.

  2. Anders Evenrud rewrote the xpra html5 client to be more modern and smaller (so support less archiac browsers) for use in his OS.js project.

  3. I took a snapshot of Evenrud's repo in Oct 2018 and also of the official xpra-html5 client, and rewrote it all in Typescript finishing some todos, and using modern ES6 classes, async/await, etc., to produce this. Also, I've changed code and assumptions at will to support:

    • a tabbed interface
    • dynamic scaling
    • multiple users

License: GPLv2+

  • Xpra is a GPLv2+ program, so the original html5 xpra client is only available under the GPLv2+ license.

  • Anders Evenenrud's xpra client is clearly derived from the official xpra html5 client, though the code is all rewritten in a different style, it's still pretty much copy/paste/reformat. It's clearly a derived work. That original client is GPL'd. Thus Ander's https://github.com/andersevenrud/xpra-html5-client legally has to be GPLv2+ licensed. However, he declared it MIT licensed, which is a GPL violation (you cannot just relicese GPL code as MIT). For our purposes, we'll just consider it to also be GPLv2+, though of course I wish it were MIT licensed. This is not a problem for CoCalc, since CoCalc is AGPLv3+. It will be a problem for OS.js if they care, since that program is 2-clause BSD licensed.

  • Implication: any version of cocalc that includes this smc-webapp/frame-editors/x11-editor/xpra directory, MUST be released under GPLv2+ or compatible license. This will matter if we ever need to relicense cocalc for some company. If that happens, we'll have to delete the x11-editor code from the different-licensed version. That would be easy.