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The CoCalc Wiki Pages

This is a rather loose collection of pages. A more structured documentation is the CoCalc User Manual.

General Help/FAQ

Remember: if you can't find the help that you need, then please email In your email, please include a link to any relevant projects and/or files.

Resources for SageMath

These documents mostly focus on SageMath, the mathematical engine behind Sage worksheets.

  • Need help in a language other than English? You can go to where there are links to many documents in HTML and PDF formats, written in ten (!) different languages (eleven if you count English). Also, the SageMath help pages include several languages other than English.

  • The web-based SageMath Tutorial is great way to learn Sage. Some parts of it require upper-level undergraduate mathematics or computer science courses, but large parts of it should be understandable by a much broader audience. (It is available in several languages here.)

  • There are two large collections of handy tutorials for SageMath that deal with undergraduate math courses (click here) as well as mathematical research areas or advanced math courses (click here). Another companion tutorial providing an introduction to programming with Sage and Python on the CoCalc is found in the Spring 2017 Math 399 online course material at the University of Washington.

  • The enormous technical SageMath Reference Manual is also on the web. Hint: the best way to use this document is with the "Quick Search" window in the lower-left hand corner.

  • The "The SageMath Constructions Document" collects answers to some questions along the lines of "How do I construct ... in Sage?"

  • A very short Tour of SageMath exists, and is a brief introduction to what SageMath can do, for someone who perhaps isn't familiar at all with Computer Algebra Systems.

  • SageMath maintains its own large FAQ and help system.

CoCalc on Social Media

Who uses CoCalc

  • Teaching - A list of courses where CoCalc is used for teaching in classrooms
  • Usage - Research projects where CoCalc has been used
  • Quotes - what some users have to say about CoCalc
  • Citations - articles citing CoCalc (or being written using it)

Other Documents related to CoCalc


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