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Accessibility Statement

We are always improving our website. We aim to meet or exceed universal design best practices and web accessibility standards.

To provide accessible web experiences, we strive to:

  • Make our content and navigation easy to see
  • Make it easy to interact using a mouse, keyboard, and/or touch screens
  • Provide text and audio alternatives for visuals
  • Support using assistive technologies to navigate and access content
  • Support the use of native accessibility features on mobile devices and tablets

We have built the site so that there is meaning structured into the pages so they are as inclusive as we can make them. As a result, mobile and assistive technology users will have a better experience.

Blind and low vision users often cannot see the images we use. It is important for our team to see that the meaning conveyed by those images is available in a textual form. We try to provide alt-text for images to help screenreader users to understand their meaning.

We want our users to get the most out of our site and so try to leverage approaches that are inclusive and flexible. Where we can, we use Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) as they are a more accessible and mobile friendly image format. Effort is made to have links written so that they make sense even out of context.

Font size

Users can choose if they want the text of the site to be bigger or smaller to suit their needs. In particular, we make it very easy to increase the font size for all of our interactive editors. You can choose a larger font size in your "Account Settings" → "Editor settings" → "Font size".

We use images or text along with color to see that nobody is excluded.

You can also choose a different color scheme "Editor color scheme". For example, "Solarized light" might help you reading characters better and other color schemes provide better contrast.


Finally, we are eager to hear from people with disabilities to learn where we can improve. If you find anything on our sites or apps difficult to use, please let us know at

We work to support both the latest release and the previous release of popular assistive technology and web browsers.

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