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Can students keep using their CoCalc account and course project after a course ends?

Question: My students have been asking whether they can keep using their CoCalc account after this course ends. I assume that their account and projects will remain active, but revert back to the settings associated with a free account and projects. Is that correct? If not, is their anything they need to do to be able to use their accounts in the future?

Answer: Yes, they will have full access, though they may need to take an extra step to ensure they can easily login.

The little detail is how exactly they are signed up and authenticated with CoCalc. For example, in case they exclusively use a "Google Account" associated with (given that this even exists, some universities which have single sign on authentication for students via Google) and the university then revokes their account, they would also be unable to access CoCalc without adding another access method.

So, for cases like that, you can instruct your students to make sure they have a password set in their account settings. Then, they can always access their course projects by accessing their account via an email address and password. Later, they can even change their email address to their private one while keeping access to their projects. In account settings students can also associate their account with Facebook (or Github or Twitter), and login using one of those providers.

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