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This is a list of articles citing CoCalc, or articles that were created with CoCalc. There were far more that were created using CoCalc than are listed here. Email if you cite CoCalc, or just add your paper here, and cite CoCalc this way.

  • Bharathwaj Palvannan, Height one specializations of Selmer groups

  • Mani Chandra, Charles F. Gammie, Francois Foucart and Eliot Quataert, An Extended Magnetohydrodynamics Model for Relativistic Weakly Collisional Plasmas, The Astrophysical Journal 810/2, 2015,

  • B. R. Ryan, J. C. Dolence and C. F. Gammie, bhlight: General Relativistic Radiation Magnetohydrodynamics with Monte Carlo Transport, The Astrophysical Journal, 807/1, 2015,

  • B. Cattoz, W. M. de Vos, T. Cosgrove, M. Crossman, M.-S. Appavou and S. W. Prescott, Complexation of polymeric stabilisers in solution and at the silica nanoparticle interface, Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, 2014, 449, 57-64,

  • U. C. Rajesh, J. Wang, J. S. W. Prescott, T. Tsuzuki and D. Rawat, RGO/ZnO nanocomposite: An efficient sustainable heterogeneous amphiphilic catalyst for the synthesis of 3-substituted indoles in water, ACS Sustainable Chem. Eng., 2015, 3, 9-18,

  • B. T. Cheesman, P. J. Gates, T. C. Castle, T. Cosgrove and S. W. Prescott, Linear and star architecture methacrylate-functionalised PDMS, Materials Today Communications, 2015, 3, 122-129,

  • N. Diefenderfer, M. Hastings, L.N. Heath, H. Prawzinsky, B. Preston, E. White, A. Whittemore, Prime Vertex Labelings of Families of Unicycle Graphs, The Rose-Hulman Undergraduate Math Journal. 16(1), 2015,

  • N. Diefenderfer, D.C. Ernst, M. Hastings, L.N. Heath, H. Prawzinsky, B. Preston, J. Rushall, E. White, A. Whittemore, Prime Vertex Labelings of Several Families of Graphs, Accepted to Involve, 2015,

  • K.-D. Crisman, M. Orrison, Representation Theory of the Symmetric Group in Voting Theory and Game Theory, preprint 2015,

  • Carl Eberhart, Revisiting the quadrisection problem of Jacob Bernoulli, Nov. 2016,

  • Brandon Williams, The rings of Hilbert modular forms for ℚ(√29) and ℚ(√37), Sept 2018,


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