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Data Privacy and Third Parties

Third Parties

CoCalc uses a number of third party services.

  • Google Cloud Platform by Google Inc. consisting of

  • Google Analytics by Google Inc. (opt-out plugin)

    • basically sets a cookie to help understand usage
  • Zendesk support tickets (privacy policy and eu data protection)

    • shared: name, email address, account id
  • Stripe payment processor (privacy policy and privacy shield information)

    • shared: name, email address, subscription data, account id
    • credit card information and associated data is only stored by Stripe
  • video conferencing (privacy policy)

    • shared: no personal data is shared
    • as of 2018-10-03, cocalc no longer embedds
  • Jitsi Video Conferencing (privacy policy, the service is run by Atlassian)

    • shared: no personal data is shared
  • Gravatar by Automattic for avatar images (privacy policy)

    • shared: email address
    • NOT used by CoCalc in any way unless user explicitly requests it.
  • Google GSuite for emails (GSuite security)

    • name, email address for emails sent or received by SageMath, Inc.
  • Cloudflare DDOS protection (GDPR info)

    • manages data traffic from and to the service, but no structured user data is shared with them

FERPA Compliance

Educational institutions must take steps to ensure that the companies that they work with will help comply with FERPA. FERPA requires that reasonable measures be taken to ensure the security of personally identifiable information (PII) from student academic records. PII may only be shared with a student's instructor or other school officials (the school is responsible for responding to parent requests for information). Schools and educators are allowed to divulge 'directory information', such as name and email address, unless a student has asked to opt-out of directory information disclosure, which means that in most cases instructors may submit student email addresses when adding students to a course.

SageMath, Inc. will make every effort to comply with FERPA disclosures policies. If you represent an academic institution and require access to a student's PII under FERPA, please contact

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