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A CoCalc project is based on a full Linux-based file-system.

In order to structure your project, you can create subdirectories (folders).


In "Files", there is a navigation breadcrumb bar guiding you through the filesystem.

  • At any time, you can click on the "Home" icon to jump back into you home directory.
  • If you are in a subdirectory "foo", it is indicated as "[HOME] / foo" and highlighted as blue hyperlinks.
  • After traversing upwards in a nested tree of directories, the previous subdirectories are grayed out. That helps with navigating back quickly into the previous subdirectory.

Create directory

  1. Click on the dropdown menu of "Create" and select "Folder".
  2. Similarly, in "+ New", there is a "Folder" button.
  3. In the file search box in "Files", you can also create a new directory by entering the name ending in a trailing slash. For example, try subdir1/ and hit return.
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