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File Listing

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File Listing

The Cocalc file listing tab in a project displays all files and folders in your current working directory. Clicking the left checkbox of an item will display the actions you can perform on that item. You may also shift + click or ctrl + click to select additional items.

Search and Navigation

The search bar is in the upper left hand corner and the cursor starts there by default. Typing anything will display current directory items filtered on their names. You can navigate entries in the file listing by using your arrow keys. The highlighted item will be opened if you hit enter. ctrl+enter will open the file in the background.

Terminal Mode

Terminal mode is triggered by a leading / in the search box. If you would like to display all folders instead, enter a space in front of the /.

Terminal mode allows you to quickly use common commands like mv or cp in the displayed directory without having to click on the file listing UI. Start here for learning how to use the command line.

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