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Keyboard Shortcuts

Bryan Quah edited this page Jul 13, 2017 · 2 revisions

Keyboard Shortcuts in CoCalc Worksheets

This page serves to list the available keyboard shortcuts when using Cocalc worksheets. This list can also be found in the account settings page.

Action Key(s)
Smaller text Ctrl + <
Bigger text Ctrl + >
Toggle comment Ctrl + /
Go to line Ctrl + L
Find Ctrl + F
Find next Ctrl + G
Fold/Unfold selected code Ctrl + Q
Shift selected text right Tab
Shift selected text left Shift + Tab
Split view in any editor Ctrl + I
Autoindent selected text Ctrl + '
Multiple cursors Ctrl + Click
Simple autocomplete Ctrl + Space
Sage autocomplete Tab
Split cell in Sage worksheet Ctrl + ;
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