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Permissions, Legalities, Authorizations, and Related Matters

Remember: if you don't find what you need, or if you'd like to ask a question, then please email at any time. We'd love to hear from you! Please include a link (the URL address in your browser) to any relevant project or document, as part of your email.

List of Questions:

Question: I would like to use CoCalc with my 300+ Calculus Students. Can you handle that kind of load?

Go for it! We have substantial excess capacity. For example, UCLA used CoCalc in their 400+ Calculus class, and dozens of other 100+ courses are using CoCalc. See

Question: May I use CoCalc for commercial purposes?

(Updated May 13, 2015).

YES. You may use all CoCalc projects for commercial purposes (e.g., "for personal or company gain"). CoCalc runs entirely on Google Compute Engine Virtual Machines that are paid for by a private company (SageMath, Inc.). Please see our privacy policy.

Question: May I use CoCalc for Sage development?

YES. You may use CoCalc projects for Sage development. Instructions on how to go about doing this can be at the page

Question: How do I cite CoCalc?

When writing a research paper, a conference talk, or a book, it is very helpful and appropriate to cite CoCalc. In the BibTeX language, one could write.

  Key          = {CoCalc},
  Author       = {SageMath, Inc.},
  Title        = {CoCalc Collaborative Computation Online},
  note         = {{\tt}},
  Year         = {2016},

Of course, you should change 2016 to whatever year (or years) during which you used CoCalc.

In ordinary text, one would write

SageMath, Inc., CoCalc Online Computational Mathematics, 2016.

Question: What can I store in a project?

The available webspace is a courtesy to be able to run your computational projects online. It's not for downloading arbitrary stuff from the internet. For more details about our policies, please read

Question: What's my sudo/root password?

  1. You cannot have sudo/root access, because you are on a shared machine and such a global privilege only for administrators. To install a python package locally, see How to Install Python Packages into CoCalc
  2. To get internet access, please subscribe to one of the memberships. This page tells you more about this.
  3. If you tell us which package you need, we might be able to install it system wide for you.

Question: What if my question isn't answered above?

Email with lots of details about your question. Do not hesitate to immediately email us, because we are eager to hear from you!


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