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The following is a collection of various ideas, data or files for promoting CoCalc, learning more about its users and gathering various feedback, distribution, etc.

Key Features / What does CoCalc do for you?


  • No installation and no upgrades necessary. (drawback: what about breaking code?)
  • No licensing fees: open-source.
  • Run your own software inside your project.

Zero configuration: start one of the project types and you are ready to go.


All your data is periodically saved (technical term: "snapshot") and stored (+ encrypted??) off-site. This is like a safety net for everything you do and run.

On top of that, you can use established revision control systems like Git, Mercurial, SVN, ...


No time is wasted with setting up the environment to actually do the work or having to restore your working environment after a hard drive crash, system corruption, virus, etc.


For T-Shirts, Stickers, …

  • My calculations are (way) above your head.


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