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Removing Collaborator from Student Projects

Hal Snyder edited this page Oct 25, 2018 · 2 revisions

I added someone by mistake as a collaborator to a project I'm using to manage a course and now they are a collaborator on every student project. How do I remove that person as a collaborator from all the student projects?

Here is how you can remove a collaborator from the student projects in a .course file:

  1. Remove collaborator from the project with the .course file.
  2. Change Collaborator policy -- Allow arbitrary collaborators in course config to NOT be checked. WARNING: this will remove collaborators from all student projects other than the student and instructors.
  3. Close the .course file.
  4. Open the .course file.

Note: if Allow arbitrary collaborators was enabled as a workaround for deleted student accounts, then the method above should not be used. Instead, the unwanted collaborator must be removed manually from each student project. For more information, see CoCalc issue #3243.

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