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Sign In / Login Problems

Here are a couple of pointers why signing in to CoCalc does not work.

  • Did you sign up using federated methods using your Google account, Facebook, Twitter, ...? If so, you need to try this method.
    • If this worked, make sure your account settings have an email address.
  • Did you try to recover your password using the recover password dialog? This only works if you have set an email address at CoCalc.
  • You made a typo with your email address upon signing up. Maybe a small change is all it needs to let you in? If so, please fix your address in your account settings!
  • Maybe you are using a completely different email address altogether...

What else can I try?

Clear all private browser data associated to and try again.

Ok, this worked! But all projects are gone?

If that happens, you probably created a new account or ended up with the wrong one. Please consult the missing projects troubleshooting question.

Report an issue

In case any of the above didn't work for you, email us at to start an account recovery process. Please include the following information:

  • The email address you used to sign up (if used)
  • The federated method to sign in (Google, Facebook, Twitter, ...)
  • The first and last name you gave yourself in CoCalc
  • When you last successfully accessed CoCalc
  • In case you have more than one account, it is also helpful to know about one or more projects you try to access. This helps us to distinguish between your accounts.
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