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Subscriptions, Payments and Pricing

Subscription and Pricing Information - this is the main page to learn about the subscription models, current pricing, and associated FAQ about it.

Further information

How do I change my credit card information?

  1. Open and sign in to with your account (the account where your subscription is active).
  2. Click on your name at the top right, which opens up your account settings.
  3. Inside the tab Subscriptions there is a box for Payment Methods.
  4. Delete your old card you add your current one.
  5. The system will take care of everything else.

For some of my problems currently, the free trial plan is not really cutting it in terms of speed. With the Personal Standard subscription of $14 per month, will I see a noticeable jump in performance?

Yes, but the amount depends very much on exactly what you are doing... One thing you get with the Standard plan is a lot more RAM memory.

If I get the paid plan, can I start a sage worksheet, leave it running in the background, and on return it'll be done?


Each project has an "idle timeout", where if you don't open the project for that long, then it stops running. Our standard plans includes 24 hours of idle timeout, which you can use to make it so that if you open your project at least once a day, then it will never stop running.

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