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I would like to use CoCalc with my iPad

William Stein, who founded CoCalc, has an iPad Pro 10.5, and uses it extensively with CoCalc. It is thus possible to fully use CoCalc in Safari on an iPad. That said, there are a number of issues that we are aware of, many of which have workarounds.

Under heavy use sometimes CoCalc will crash mobile Safari

First, due to this happening, we added session support to CoCalc. This means that at least when you refresh your browser after a crash it returns to exactly where you left off, with all files open.

Second, for some reason if you use CoCalc via Google Chrome on iPad instead of Safari, then it never crashes.

I want to use CoCalc via a native application, not a web browser

You're in luck! There is a new native Jupyter client for iPad called Juno.

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