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Upgraded projects for Minerva Students

First of all, CoCalc's upgrades are for a specific project and not for an individual user. That's because a project is what is actually using the cpu, memory, networking, etc. resources...

For your projects in your classes a user named "Minerva Server" is the owner of your project and they contributed upgrades to that particular project.

On the other hand, your own projects (where you are the owner) has no upgrades. That's why it runs under "free quotas".

If you want to have upgrades for network access and improved hosting quality, you can try one of these:

  • Get a small subscription ($14) and then you can upgrade projects where you are an owner or collaborator.
  • Ask those administrators as Minerva to give your project an upgrade. This means that you invite "Minerva Server" as a collaborator and then you tell them which project to upgrade.
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