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Question: I am an instructor and want to pay for a course

Assuming you are an instructor and want to setup everything for a course, here are the rough steps. The course purchase option provides you with upgrades for your account, but you then distribute these upgrades to all student projects in your course (these projects are automatically created for the course). The students then fully benefit from using these upgraded projects.

Next to the "upgrades" page, there is a tab "Subscriptions/Course packages". In that tab, enter your payment information and purchase one or more course packages. We can help you if you are not sure which one to buy (it depends on the size of the class, your needs, etc).

Once you purchase the course upgrades, go to the project where you created the course and open the .course file. In that interface, where you can add the students, etc. there is also a tab called "Configurations" (next to "Students", "Assignments", etc.). In the course configuration tab, there is a panel for "Upgrade all student projects (you pay)". Here is where you distribute the upgrades you purchased for your account among all student projects.

There is a a bit more information in the tutorial; see, especially "Section 2 - Creating a Course".

Don't hesitate to ask us if something isn't clear.

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