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SageWS to HTML


This functionality converts the interactive SageWS Worksheet into a static HTML page. All code, output, formulas, plots and styling are embedded right into the generated file. This means, you can upload it anywhere or send it around.

Additionally, the original *.sagews file is also embedded and available for download. This means, if anyone is interested in continuing to work on it, it just needs to be uploaded to CoCalc or any other platform supporting SageWS.


On most operating systems it is possible to generate a PDF file out of the converted HTML file. To accomplish this, open the HTML file in a browser and print it (usually in the "file" menu). There, you can select a usually called "print to file" printer, which prints to a PDF file.

HTML to SageWS conversion utility

On CoCalc itself, there is also a conversion utility available. Running the following in a terminal extracts the original file from the converted HTML:

smc-html2sagews <filename.sagews.html> [<filename.sagews>]
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