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upgrades v account

William Stein edited this page Feb 1, 2018 · 1 revision

Question: Upgrades were purchased for one account, but I would like to use them with another (e.g. for a course)

Sorry about the confusion but I’ve just realised that I have got confused about which account I’m using. I have set up the projects on an account with email a@b.c rather than the x@y.z. Would it be possible to transfer the upgrades from a@b.c to x@y.z?

Many thanks,

If you sign in as a@b.c, the add x@y.z as a collaborator to the project containing the course file(s), or whatever you have upgraded, then open thecourse and wait a minute, then x@y.z should then be a collaborator on all relevant projects. That's probably a simpler way to proceed.

Collaborators can do 100% anything with projects that the original owner can do.

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