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Blosxom plugin - xhtmlmime
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Blosxom plugin - xhtmlmime

This is an old Blosxom plugin written back in 2005. Notes below are from the in-line POD.


This plugin is designed to return a Content-Type HTTP header of application/xhtml+xml to user agents that indicate they prefer it to text/html in their Accept HTTP header.

The highly useful does all the work, even down to interpreting q values.

You can force the plugin to use application/xhtml+xml by specifying a URL parameter of mime=xhtml. Setting mime to anything else will cause the plugin to use text/html.


There are two configurable variables:

Set $flavours to a list of the flavours that you want the plugin to act upon. If this variable is empty, the plugin will quietly exit without doing anything. Separate each flavour using the vertical bar character, |. For example: my $flavours = 'htm|html';

Set $charset to the encoding used on your website. The default is utf-8, but other common English-language codes are iso-8859-1 or windows-1251.

See Also

Blosxom and application/xhtml+xml.

I am aware that another similar plugin named xhtml was once written. I was unable to locate a copy after a cursory bit of googling, so I wrote this one. I would be surprised if there were any substantial differences between the two.

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