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@saghul saghul released this
· 70 commits to master since this release
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  • misc: add Python 3.8 classifier
  • (origin/master, origin/HEAD) build: use Travis to build Python Wheels
  • ci: use GH Actions to test on macOS
  • ci: run tests in Python 3.8 too
  • test: remove no longer valid test
  • test: remove empty test
  • errno: return str from errno.strerror
  • core: fix crash when processing .onion queries
  • test: fix test_query_txt_multiple_chunked
  • doc: fix path of file
  • core: fix support for ARES_OPT_LOOKUPS option
  • build: add cygwin support
  • core: fix struct in6_addr alignment
  • misc: simplify non-ascii txt test example
  • core: fix long TXT record with non-ascii bytes
  • build: remove extra add_include_dir line on linux
  • build: fix testing manylinux wheels