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Version 1.0.0
- dns: move getaddrinfo and getnameinfo to a 'dns' submodule
- doc: updated documentation
- core: raised libuv version to 1.0.1
Version 1.0.0.dev1
- fs: add pyuv.fs.access function
- fs: rename readdir to scandir
- process: make Process.spawn a class method
- loop: call LoopSubclass.__init__ when calling LoopSubclass.default_loop
- tcp, pipe, udp: add send_buffer_size and receive_buffer_size
- udp: add fileno() method
- stream: add fileno() method
- process: give better error message on Process.close
- core: fix subclassing Loop
- test: add test which ignores exceptions in a excepthook
- core: drop support for Python 2.6
- core: raised libuv version to 1.0.0-rc2
Version 0.11.5
- process: fix refcounting bug in StdIO
- core: expose Handle and Stream base classes
- barrier: Barrier.wait returns a boolean now
- process: make Process.spawn more similar with Popen
- process: accept bytes and unicode in all arguments
- test: add UV_UDP_REUSEADDR test cases
- test: add test for UDP.set_multicast_interface
- doc: updated documentation
- util: add getnameinfo support
- util: support service names in getaddrinfo
- util: add getrusage()
- udp: fix handling empty datagrams
- udp: added UDP.try_send function
- test: add a missing close() for socket
- core: fix refcount bug in func_excepthook()
- core: fix access of potentially freed memory
- build: add Python 3.4 to tox and remove 3.0-3.2 from classifiers
- streams: refactor Stream.write / writelines and Pipe.write2
- udp: refactor UDP.send / sendlines
- stream: use a default backlog size of 511
- core: raised libuv revision to 817c092 (master branch)
Version 0.11.4
- Adapted to API changes in libuv
- Add UDP.set_multicast_interface function
- Export UV_UDP_REUSEADDR constant
- Accept '' as a valid address to bind to
- Added filesystem watch example
- Implement _fileno() for Stream and UDP
- Accept bytes objects in Pipe.bind
- Added Pipe.getsockname function
- Fix build on FreeBSD
- Use a 64KB slab buffer per loop
- Fixed process noargs test on Windows
- Speed up offset tests on Windows
- Allow compilation using Windows SDK
- Move common functions to common.c
- Removed Loop.walk
- Only accept bytes on fs.write
- Add FSPoll.path property
- Renamed FSEvent.filename property to path
- Avoid using VS 2013 when compiling libuv
- Fixed TCP try_write test
- Raised libuv revision to 69f9f6f (master branch)
Version 0.11.3
- Added flags argument to TCP.bind
- Add Stream.try_write() function
- Added Loop.alive attribute
- Define and expose UV_TCP_IPV6ONLY constant
- Read README file using proper encoding
- Updated documentation
- Raised libuv revision to 6f62d62 (master branch)
Version 0.11.2
- Allow None callback for Async handles
- Added Loop.handles property
- Adapted to API changes in uv_fs_event handle
- Avoid malloc()-ing unnecessary things in Process.spawn
- Keep handles alive when they are started
- Raised libuv revision to f6c1a27 (master branch)
Version 0.11.1
- Added MAC address to util.interface_addresses() output
- Adapt to API changes in libuv
- Dropped MinGW support
- Implement excepthook as a method rather than an attribute
- Fix IPC and TCP test cases
- Tests: Re-raise exceptions from callbacks when exiting
- Raised libuv revision to 2b9c374 (master branch)
Version 0.11.0
- Refactored FS operations
- Added instance dictionary to Request objects
- Added missing fields in stat result structure
- Added libuv-verbose-build command line argument
- Adapted to changes in libuv master branch
- Raised libuv revision to XXX (master branch)
Version 0.10.13
- Build: fix build with VS 2013 installed
- Build: fix build with Windows SDK
- Build: show stdout on build errors as well
- Build: bundle gyp on sdist
- Raised libuv version to 0bcac64 (v0.10 branch)
Version 0.10.12
- Fixed multiple memory leaks when using sync fs functions
- Cleanup fs requests when using sync mode
- Raised libuv version to 0.10.29
Version 0.10.11
- Added Python 3.4 support classifier
- Small fixes for the release tool
- Raised libuv revision to d864907 (v0.10 branch)
Version 0.10.10
- Fixed installation on Windows Python 3
- Raised libuv revision to cd6db8b (v0.10 branch)
Version 0.10.9
- Fixed TCP saturation test
- Clarify that only one Poll handle per fd is allowed
- Raised libuv revision to c0c9480 (v0.10 branch)
Version 0.10.8
- Fixed
- Raised libuv revision to 33959f7 (v0.10 branch)
Version 0.10.7
- Use ARCHFLAGS if set when compiling libuv
- Fixed compilation on OSX 10.6
- Raised libuv revision to 983fa68 (v0.10 branch)
Version 0.10.6
- Fixed allocating enough space for sockname/peername when using IPv6
- Always run tests in the correct directory
- Raised libuv revision to 851a662 (v0.10 branch)
Version 0.10.5
- returns milliseconds, not nanoseconds
- Use int64_t for offset in fs functions
- Fixed parsing in_offset in fs.sendfile
- Raised libuv revision to 3b4e0a2 (v0.10 branch)
Version 0.10.4
- Added Stream.write_queue_size property
- Never raise StreamError directly
- Raised libuv revision to c53fe81 (v0.10 branch)
Version 0.10.3
- Fixed crash when using IPv6 addresses
- Raised libuv revision to 9b801d5 (v0.10 branch)
Version 0.10.2
- Fixed getaddrinfo parameter order
- Fixed memory leak in getaddrinfo
- Avoid allocating extra memory for synchronization primitives
- Handle fd argument consistently
- Updated documentation
- Raised libuv revision to 2400716 (v0.10 branch)
Version 0.10.1
- Added better libuv version information
- Fixed building IPv6 address information on getaddrinfo
- Enhanced support for IPv6 addresses
- Reduced number of required memory allocations in several places
to the minimum possible
- Embed libuv handles into Python object structures
- Embed libuv requests in pyuv Request objects
- Raised libuv revision to 31ebe23 (v0.10 branch)
Version 0.10.0
(these entries cover the changes since the last 0.9 release, not the entire
changelog since the las 0.8 release)
- Don't override extra_objects and extra_link_args in
- Fix libuv-clean-compile on Windows
- Use setuptools if available
- Fix miscalculation of struct sizes in Windows
- Updated documentation
- Raised libuv revision to 7b66ea1 (v0.10 branch)
Version 0.9.7
- Added Loop.stop
- Removed get/set process title functions
- Cleanup deps directory if libuv download fails
- Fixed build on Windows when using Python 3.3
- Several fixes for the test suite
- Fixed a few compilation warnings
- Updated documentation
- Raised libuv revision to 0ad46bd (master)
Version 0.9.6
- Added support for sending UDP handles over IPC pipes
- Added missing flags argument to UDP recv callback
- Added flags to UDP.bind
- Added fileno() method to Poll handles
- Fixed compilation with MSVC 2010
- Fixed choosing the right version of Visual Studio
- Fixed UDP echo example
- Fixed process and IPC tests on Windows
- Fixed Windwos symlinks issues in tests
- Fixed multicast tests on Windows and Linux
- Raised libuv revision to 3348cd7 (master)
Version 0.9.5
- Stop reading if a Stream gets an error in the on_read callback
- Cleanup and fix examples
- Allow None for Handle.close callback
- Made SignalChecker inherit from Handle
- Updated documentation
- Raised libuv revision to e4d8cba (master)
Version 0.9.4
- Allow handle types and loop to be inheritable
- Internal refactor, allocate handles on tp_new and free them
on tp_dealloc
- Added ThreadError and used it in the thread module
- Removed FSEvent.start and moved functionality to __init__
- Removed TTY.isatty
- Check if the object passed as send_handle is a Stream object
- Fixed return value
- Fixed leaks on stream and UDP write functions
- Fixed crash in fs.write
- Raised libuv revision to 8e3e60f (master)
Version 0.9.3
- Added mode parameter to
- Added fileno and get_timeout methods to Loop
- Added ability to cancel threadpool, getaddrinfo and fs requests
- Removed ThreadPool and moved queue_work to Loop
- Refactored SignalChecker implementation
- Refactored excepthook implementation
- Avoid storing result and exception for threadpool operations
- Fixed unreferencing the loop too early after calling close
- Defined UV_PROCESS_WINDOWS_HIDE flag for Process handles
- Raised libuv revision to ba83510 (master)
Version 0.9.2
- Added support for compilation with Visual Studio
- Added thread module with several thread synchronization primitives
- Refactored write/writelines and send/sendlines, only
bytes (or sequences of bytes) objects can be used now
- Fixed refcounting issues
- Removed bogus assert that could be triggered on Windows
- Raised libuv revision to 665a316 (master)
Version 0.9.1
- Added and methods
- Added a SignalChecker helper
- Added 'readable' attribute to TTY __init__
- Enabled Signal handles across multiple loops
- Simplified buffer allocation for streams and UDP
- Removed custom set_parallel_threads function
- Remove reference to loop object on handle close
- Allow any file descriptor to be opened as a TTY
- Fixed adding arbitrary python files to sdist
- Fixed importing from submodules in Python 3
- Raised libuv revision to 1e32cb0 (master)
- Updated documentation
Version 0.9.0
- Added a true signal watcher
- Added ability to handle uncaught exceptions (Loop.excepthook)
- Moved getaddrinfo to util module
- Removed builtin c-ares resolver
- Removed Poll.slow property
- Removed Loop.counters
- Allow None to be passed as hostname in getaddrinfo
- Encode hostname with idna if appropriate in getaddrinfo
- Fixed handling error case on fs.stat functions
- Various performance optimizations
- Raised libuv revision to 3bbe8f9 (master)
Version 0.8.3
- Raised libuv revision to 9a6f496 (v0.8 branch),
fixes compilation on Windows
- Fixed argument name in FSPoll.start
Version 0.8.2
- Raised libuv revision to 39ca621 (v0.8 branch)
- Updated documentation
Version 0.8.1
- Fixed checking port number boundaries
- Fixed small memory leak
- Fixed unicode handling
Version 0.8.0
- Added FSPoll handle
- Added disable_stdio_inheritance class method to Process
- Fixed FSEvent structure to properly inherit from Handle
- Fixed fs tests consistency
- Simplified file descriptor handling on fs module (Windows)
- Raised libuv revision to 5a0f341 (v0.8 branch)
- Updated documentation
Version 0.7.2
- Fixed theoretical crash if buffer is NULL
- Simplified Poll handle API
- Added support for creating symlinks with junction points on Windows
- Fixed some failing tests on Windows
- Raised libuv revision to 5c30443
- Updated documentation
Version 0.7.1
- Fixed crash when Loop.walk returned a Python object being deallocated
Version 0.7.0
- Added weak referencing support to handles
- Added Poll handle
- Added more tests: weakrefs, gc, ...
- Added instance dictionary to Loop and all handles
- Added filename property to FSEvent handle
- Added TCP echo server example using Poll handles, adapted from pyev
- Added active_handles property to Loop
- Added Loop.walk function to iterate over the loop handles
- Added support for spawning detached child processes
- Adapted UDP.send to accept objects conforming to the buffer interface and
also added UDP.sendlines
- Improved efficiency by avoiding copying strings on write/send
- Refactored Process stdio support
- Refactored ThreadPool API
- Refactored exception hierarchy
- Refactored code according to refcount refactor in libuv
- Refactored Async handle API
- Refactored API to set parallel thread number in the thread pool
- Fixed compilation warnings on Python 3
- Fixed TTY example on Windows
- Fixed some fs operations relaying on fileno() on Windows
- Raised libuv revision to 38a6f9f
- Updated documentation
Version 0.6.1
- Added ability to set uid and gid on Process.spawn
- Added status parameter to ThreadPool after_work callback
- Added ability to control the number of threads in the ThreadPool (unix
- Added 'readable' and 'writable' read-only properties to stream objects
- Return named tuples for Loop.counters, fs.stat and DNS functions
- Refactored DNS query functions, it's a single function now
- Raised libuv revision to 6367da2
- Updated documentation
Version 0.6.0
- Added get/set process_title functions
- Added NAPTR query support to DNSResolver
- Added cancel method to DNSResolver
- Added ares_strerror function to errno module. It returns a string
representation of a c-ares error code
- Refactored write function to accept any object conforming to the
Python buffer interface
- Refactored ThreadPool
- Refactored DNS functions to return values like the Pyhton standard
- Reordered arguments in several functions of the DNS module
- Fixed several reference leaks
- Fixed crash when doing CNAME queries
- Fixed compilation on Windows 7
- Map several new error codes (ENOTEMPTY, EPERM, ELOOP, EXDEV, ENOSPC)
- Raised libuv revision to 31ff986
- Updated documentation
Version 0.5.0
- Added support for asynchronous DNS queries of tyes: A, AAAA, CNAME,
- Added synchronous API for filesystem (fs module) operations
- Added set_multicast_ttl, set_broadcast, set_multicast_loop and set_ttl
functions to UDP handle
- Removed data attribute from fs module functions
- Raised libuv revision to 3de0411
Version 0.4.0
- Added support for Python 3.X
- Added support for Microsoft Windows (using MinGW)
- Migrated the test suite to tox + nose + unittest2
- Raised libuv revision to 454e021
Version 0.3.0
- Added new functions to fs module: open, close, read, write, fsync,
fdatasync, ftruncate, readdir, sendfile, utime, futime
- Added FSEvent handle, for monitoring filesystem events
- Added IPC support (start_read2 and write2 methods on Pipe handles)
- Added pid property to Process
- Refactored accept function on TCP and Pipe handles
- Removed get/set_process_title functions
- Added more test cases to the test suite
- Added ability to skip tests based on platform
- Removed unneded arguments from fs callbacks and properly set errorno attribute
to None if no error occurred
- Added path attribute to fs callbacks
- Fixed write operations in NULL bytes are present
- Enhanced error reporting by passing an 'error' argument to several callbacks
- Raised libuv revision to 51ea46d
Version 0.2.0
- Made the default loop a singleton
- Added TTY handle
- Moved all exception definitions to a standalone file
- Added set_membership function to UDP handle
- Added ability to write a list of strings to IOStream objects
- Added ability to send lists of strings on UDP handles
- Added open function to Pipe handle
- Added Process handle
- Added 'data' attribute to all handles for storing arbitrary objects
- Refactored ThreadPool
- Implemented pending_instances function on Pipe handle
- Implemented nodelay, keepalive and simultaneous_accepts functions on TCP handle
- Added 'counters' attribute to Loop
- Added 'poll' function to Loop
- Added new functions to fs module: unlink, mkdir, rmdir, rename, chmod,
fchmod, link, symlink, readlink, chown, fchown, fstat
- Added new functions to util module: uptime, get_process_title,
set_process_title, resident_set_size, interface_addresses, cpu_info
Version 0.1.0
- Initial release