@saghul saghul released this Dec 2, 2014 · 129 commits to v1.x since this release

pyuv is a big step forward after 0.10. It's based on the 1.x libuv branch and, like libuv itself, will be maintained for a long time, while maintaining API compatibility. It does, however, have some backwards incompatible API changes with regards to 0.10, but it's for the best, trust me :-)

This release drops support for Python 2.6 and 3.0-3.2.

Changes since 0.10:

  • Added instance dictionary to Request objects
  • Added libuv-verbose-build command line argument
  • Added MAC address to util.interface_addresses() output
  • Dropped MinGW support
  • Implement loop excepthook as a method rather than an attribute
  • Allow None callback for Async handles
  • Added Loop.handles property
  • Keep handles (Python objects) alive when they are started
  • Added flags argument to TCP.bind
  • Add Stream.try_write() function
  • Added Loop.alive attribute
  • Define and expose UV_TCP_IPV6ONLY constant
  • Add UDP.set_multicast_interface function
  • Export UV_UDP_REUSEADDR constant
  • Accept '' as a valid address to bind to
  • Added Pipe.getsockname function
  • Barrier.wait returns a boolean now
  • Fix bytes / unicode nonsense in many places
  • Add getnameinfo support
  • Add util.getrusage()
  • Fix handling empty UDP datagrams
  • Added UDP.try_send function
  • Add pyuv.fs.access function
  • Make Process.spawn a class method
  • Fix subclassing Loop
  • TCP, pipe, UDP: add send_buffer_size and receive_buffer_size
  • Streams, UDP, Poll: add fileno() function
  • Move getaddrinfo and getnameinfo to a 'dns' submodule