pyuv-1.2.0: 2015-09-08 22:06:46 - pyuv version 1.2.0

@saghul saghul released this Sep 8, 2015 · 57 commits to v1.x since this release

Version 1.2.0
 - build: fix decoding std{out,err} with the right encoding
 - build: fix linking problem on Windows
 - fs: return entity types in pyuv.fs.scandir
 - fs: remove  argument from scandir
 - test: fix fs tests
 - core: raised libuv revision to tag 1.7.3
 - tcp, udp: add ability to create sockets early
 - tcp, udp: add 'family' property
 - docs: update scandir documentation
 - doc: fix fs functions parameter order
 - doc: update documentation for TCP and UDP handles
 - build: add dev-requirements.txt file
 - build: add AppVeyor integration
 - build: fix building when PYTHON env variable is incorrect
 - test: fix test pipe name
 - test: skip some TCP and UDP tests on Windows
 - test: add tests for fd duplication using socket.fromfd
 - udp: add support for '<broadcast>' address, a la Python
 - common: simplify parsing special address
 - ci: test on Travis on all branches
 - doc: updated README