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@saghul saghul released this May 26, 2016 · 40 commits to v1.x since this release

Version 1.3.0
 - ci: test Python 3.5 on Travis CI
 - core: it's Python 3.5 o'clock
 - doc: fix typo
 - build: fix build when PYTHON env var is not set
 - core: raised libuv revision to tag 1.8.0
 - fs: add pyuv.fs.realpath
 - samples: fixup Poll handle based example
 - doc: get{addr,name}info are now in the dns submodule
 - doc: add livehtml target to docs Makefile
 - poll: add support for the UV_DISCONNECT event
 - build: fix build on Windows
 - core: raised libuv revision to 36a024d
 - build, ci: fix build of Python 3.5 on Windows and AppVeyor
 - core: set version to 1.3.0
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