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QuickJS ❤️ libuv
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quv — QuickJS ❤️ libuv

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This is an experiment in using libuv as the platform layer for QuickJS.

Currently the following is already implemented in the quv (formerly qjs) interpreter, using libuv:

  • TCP and UDP sockets
  • TTY handles
  • Unix sockets / named pipes
  • Timers
  • Signals
  • File operations
  • Event loop
  • High-resolution time
  • Miscellaneous utility functions
  • Worker threads
  • Child processes
  • DNS (getaddrinfo)

Other extras:

  • TextEncoder / TextDecoder APIs
  • URL polyfill
  • Import directly from HTTP(S) URLs

See the full API.


CMake is necessary.

# Get the code
git clone --recursive && cd quv
# Compile it!
# Run the REPL
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