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@saghul saghul released this Jun 22, 2016 · 68 commits to master since this release

* 5dbd8d2 misc: updated changelog
* bcd7c1d ci: add musl libc to the test matrix
* 89b8b89 build: improve support for systems lacking execvpe
* 7832459 cli: group CLI related options in a global structure
* e43885e cli: add minimal line completion to the CLI
* 8cbd0b6 cli: simplified code
* ffef60d vm: add sjs_path_expanduser
* 20d7ea1 doc: man-up link
* afb6465 cli: make history file configurable
* f67a069 vm: fix adding extraneous / in sjs_path_expanduser
* b749995 doc: indicate the implementation used in Math.random
* 3cedadb cli: use sjs_vm_eval_code for running greeting code
* d34132e cli: fix running greeting code
* e3ad035 vm: simplified code
* 16ca862 test: simplify test
* 2569f12 core, vm: refactor module system
* 82d04e4 cli: fix running stdin code after executing a file or eval-ing code
* 66c8503 test: simplified test
* 5710d3e test: use new `__dirname` pseudo-global
* 2400909 modules: set require.main to the module when executing a file directly
* 16859d7 modules: use an anonymous function as the CommonJS wrapper
* dd8cf29 cli,vm: remove --use_strict flag
* 23c58a3 test: add test for require.main property
* 1c379f5 vm: fix require.main when eval-ing code from the CLI
* dbc6688 ci: test on Travis using GCC 6
* 9e8bf5e core: toggle some compile time Duktape options
* 528966d examples: add hello <name> example
* 67bc269 doc: fix highlightinh in index
* 7f72602 vm: don't add '.' and 'modules' to the default path
* 87b6cf0 test: add execve + read env in JSON test
* f066232 doc: add documentation about the module system
* 099da1d vm: add ability to get the VM reference from a Duktape context
* a4f1b3b codecs: add utf8 encoder / decoder
* bb82173 doc: move some definitions to the module system section
* 71f4b23 codecs: add punycode encoder / decoder
* 49c32a2 modules: move objectutils to utils/object
* a6e0871 assert: remove comment which no longer applies
* 11ba005 utils: add unicode submodule
* 60ea60f doc: improved utils/object docs
* d09deff vm: simplify pretty-printing objects
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