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Garlic-proxy is a Reverse Proxy for Digital Signage Player based on SMIL

Why a special proxy solution?

Sometimes you need to operate a group of Digital Signage Player (e.g. in a super market or shopping mall), but you have only a slow internet connection. In some cases a common proxy solution like mod_proxy could help. But there are a cases where that's not enough.

Garlic-Proxy can be useful if...

  • you have same files with different names e.g. for reporting or security reasons. A standard proxy cannot differentiate in this case. Garlic-proxy can!
  • you want to update content at specific times (e.g. only during the night), but your clients do not support this.
  • you generally need more control over the content update process
  • you want to prevent e.g. for security reason, that the clients connecting direct to internet
  • you need to access with a protocol your clients not support. e.g. https/ftps


Garlic-Proxy act as a reverse proxy If you want to save bandwith or it is limited you can use this software. The software is lightweight and do not need a database backend. It will run even on small IoT devices.


  • PHP 5.6+
  • php-curl
  • Webserver (Apache, nginx etc)
  • To use full possible caching capabilities the corresponding Digital Signage CMS should create additional md5 files for every media

Currently Implemented Features

  • registering of SMIL Player
  • testing environment
  • downloading SMIL-Index from garlic-proxy
  • downloading of SMIL-Index from CMS
  • parsing SMIL
  • downloading media
  • Web GUI which can update indexes


Garlic-proxy is feature complete.