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= pastek =

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A powerful lightweight markup language.

This is 2014.03.08 version.

== Syntax ==

Have a look at the [[online documentation]] to discover possibilities of 
pastek markup language.

== Installation ==

Installation is done via opam. No stable version has been released yet, so 
you need to use the dev repository.

opam repository add pastek git://
opam update
opam install pastek

//You may want/need to use `https://` instead of `git://`//

== Want to help ? ==

=== Test, review, find bugs ===

Play around with ``pastek``, break the parser. If you find a bug, an 
unexpected behavior or if you think something in the grammar where badly 
choosen, open an issue to report it.

=== Missing feature ===

Open an issue to ask for a new feature.

=== New output format ===

Open an issue and ask for a new output format.

Or better, fork the repo, add a module implementing the ``render.mli`` 
signature and submit it as a pull request.

[[online documentation]] :: [[]]