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A version of the PyKQueue module that works on Mac OS X
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Python Extension Module for Kernel Queues
Steven Hazel <>
July 27, 2009

This is PyKQueue-MacOSX.  
It works with Twisted's kqreactor on Mac OS X, as of Twisted 8.2.0.

You probably only need this if you're using Twisted or Python <2.6 on 
Mac OS X.  This package should eventually become unnecessary, since 
kqueue support is included in the Python standard library as of 2.6:

PyKQueue-MacOSX is based on PyKQueue 1.4, found here:

Which is in turn based on PyKQueue 1.1 through 1.3, found here:

I've added a and patches for OS X found here:

That patch appears to be based on this one:

There's also a PyKQueue 2.0 in the Twisted repository, which is an
API-incompatible update to this code.  It aims to work on Mac OS X and
FreeBSD, but is incompatible with the released version of Twisted as
of 8.2.0.  It can be found here:


David Gilbert <>

After a brief email dicussion with, I took possession
of this.  I don't have the ambition he states below, but I needed to add
several different event types.  While adding the ones I required, I added
others from the file.

Doug White <>
July 18, 2000

This is an early version of a Python module to handle kernel queues (kqueues) 
as implemented by Johnathan Lemon (  Information on the 
kqueue system and patches are at

This version of PyKQueue, 1.2, supports the new kevent(2) API in FreeBSD 
4.1-RELEASE and 5-CURRENT (osreldate 50011).  

Sam Rushing and I are working on a totally revamped version of this module
that pushes all the code into C instead of the split system used here.  
The new module should be many times more efficient than this one. Stay tuned
for details.

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