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Learn how to use SnapKit with samples and a framework for adding your own!
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SnapKit Samples.xcodeproj
SnapKit Samples

An example of one of the samples...


override func viewDidLoad() {

        // Initialize your new subviews
        let myBlueRectangle = UIView()
        myBlueRectangle.layer.borderColor = view.tintColor.CGColor
        myBlueRectangle.layer.borderWidth = 2
        let myOrangeRectangle = UIView()
        myOrangeRectangle.backgroundColor =
        // Add your subviews to the view heirarchy.
        // * Notice here that myBlueRectangle is added as a subview of 'view', the view controller's view, 
        //   while myOrangeRectangle is added as a subview of myBlueRectangle! Voilà! You have nested views!
        //   Now that each view is a subview of another view, we can use constraints to position them how we'd like!