Using coroutines in Python for combinatorial generation.
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coroutine-generation - Combinatorial Generation In Python

A library to show-case use of coroutines for combinatorial generation. The following combinatorial generation algorithms currently have coroutine-based implementations in this repository:

  • BGRC algorithm for binary strings in Gray order,
  • Generalization of BGRC for multi-radix numbers in Gray order,
  • Steinhaus-Johnson-Trotter for permutations in Gray order,
  • Knuth-Ruskey for ideals of a completely acyclic poset in Gray order (AKA "spider-squishing"),
  • Varol-Rotem for linear extensions of a poset,
  • Pruesse-Ruskey for signed linear extensions of a poset in Gray order.

More algorithms might be added soon. There are also several simpler examples, and alternative (not coroutine-based) implementations provided for comparison. For much more detail, see the accompanying article at

NOTE: This repository is currently undergoing heavy refactoring and modification. Some of the algorithms might be half-finished or not fully tested.

Running Tests

Since the repository is now in package form, you need to run modules using Python's -m parameter, like this:

python3.4 -m combgen.multiradix_gray.tests