Simple recursive and iterative SAT solver written in Python.
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simple-sat: Simple Python SAT Solver

This project is a simple recursive and iterative implementation of a backtracking, watchlist-based, SAT solver. Code is based mostly on Knuth's SAT0W program which can be found here. The iterative code follows Knuth's version much closer, but is a bit more complicated. The recursive version is rather straight-forward. Intended primarily to as a learning tool.

Accompanying article can be found at


usage: [-h] [-v] [-a] [-b] [--output_filter OUTPUT_FILTER] [-r]
              [-i INPUT]

Solve SAT instance by reading from stdin using an iterative or recursive
watchlist-based backtracking algorithm. Iterative algorithm is used by
default, unless the -r flag is given. Empty lines and lines starting with a #
will be ignored.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -v, --verbose         verbose output.
  -a, --all             output all possible solutions.
  -b, --brief           brief output for assignemnts: outputs variables
                        assigned 1.
  --output_filter OUTPUT_FILTER
                        only output variables with namesstring with given
  -r, --recursive       use the recursive backtracking algorithm.
  -i INPUT, --input INPUT
                        read from given file instead of stdin.

Example Usage

$ python -v --input tests/simple/
Current watchlist:
1: 1 2 3, 1 ~2
~3: ~1 ~3
Current assignment: ~1 ~2 ~3
Clause ~1 ~3 contradicted.
Found satisfying assignment.
~1 ~2 3