PyTRMM is a BSD licensed Python library containing tools for reading TRMM data files
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PyTRMM - Python tools for reading TRMM data

PyTRMM is a BSD licensed Python library containing tools for reading
the data files produced by the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission
(TRMM - At this stage the package has
tools to read the TRMM 3B4XRT data files, but the code should be
useful for reading other data provided by TRMM.


Source code can be obtained at and PyPI


The PyTRMM package currently consists of pure Python code and does not
require any extension modules to be built. However the package depends
on NumPy (

Once Numpy has been been successfully installed, PyTRMM can be
installed at the command line for any operating system:

    $ python install

Usage Example

    >>> from pytrmm import TRMM3B42RTFile
    >>> trmm_file = TRMM3B42RTFile(file_name)
    >>> print(trmm_file.header())
    >>> precip = trmm_file.precip()
    >>> print('Array dimensions:', precip.shape)
    >>> print('Data max:', precip.max())
    >>> print('Data min:', precip.min())
    >>> print('Data mean:', precip.mean())
    >>> print('Data std-dev:', precip.std())

Contributions and bug reports

If you have improvements to make to PyTRMM, or find a bug, we'd love
to hear about it. Please create an issue at (currently requires a free
Github account). Alternatively make use of the PyTOPKAPI mailing list