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File synchronization on top of ipfs with git like interface & web based UI


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brig: Ship your data around the world

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brig is a distributed & secure file synchronization tool with version control. It is based on IPFS, written in Go and will feel familiar to git users.

Key feature highlights:

  • Encryption of data in rest and transport + compression on the fly.
  • Simplified git version control.
  • Sync algorithm that can handle moved files and empty directories and files.
  • Your data does not need to be stored on the device you are currently using.
  • FUSE filesystem that feels like a normal (sync) folder.
  • No central server at all. Still, central architectures can be build with brig.
  • Simple user identification and discovery with users that look like email addresses.

Also take a look at the documentation for more details.


You can download the latest script with the following oneliner:

# Before you execute this, ask yourself if you trust me.
$ bash <(curl -s

Alternatively, you can simply grab the latest binary from the release tab.

Development versions can be installed easily by compiling yourself. If you have a recent version of go (>= 1.10) installed, it should be as easy as this:

$ go get -d -v -u  # Download the sources.
$ cd $GOPATH/src/   # Go to the source directory.
$ git checkout develop                   # Checkout the develop branch.
$ go run mage.go                         # Build the software.
$ $GOPATH/bin/brig help                  # Run the binary.

Please refer to the install docs for more details.

Getting started


...If you want to know, what to do after you can read the Quickstart.

There is also a #brig room on you can join with any Matrix client. Click this link to join the room directly via


This software is in a beta phase currently. All mentioned features should work. Things might still change rapidly and there will be no guarantees given before version 1.0.0. Do not use brig yet as only storage for your production data. There are still bugs, but it should be safe enough to toy around with it quite a bit.

This project has started end of 2015 and has seen many conceptual changes in the meantime. It started out as research project. After writing my master theses on it, it was put down for a few months until I picked at up again and currently am trying to push it to usable software.

If you want to open a bug report, just type brig bug to get a readily filled template for you.


All documentation can be found on


If you're interested in the development and would think about supporting me financially, then please contact me! If you'd like to give me a small & steady donation, you can always use Liberapay:

Donate using Liberapay

Thank you!