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Hand written changelog of important changes.
Use the github page to view the automated git generated brother.
+ Fixed parser (ctr was incremented always, not only on item found)
+ Speed up of cover and lyrics plugins (Up to 200%)
+ Fixed lyrics:magistrix plugin
+ Fixed lyrics:lyricswiki plugin
+ Fix of DynHelp
+ Fixed overall memory leaks
+ added finalize() call to cleanup plugins
+ Help text reacts now on "I DONT WANNA COLOR!"
+ added ability to stop searchengine by returning GLYRE_STOP_BY_CB in callback
+ Fixed a bug when using the google plugin and -D
+ Fixed google (and other) returning 404 Pages
+ Added 'tracklist' getter12
+ Fixed all warnings occuring with highger warn level (Default now)
+ Added examplce.c
+ Removed alldcovers plugin (they have good image, but don't allow API usage for library and desktop applications it seems :-( )
+ Added format check for image plugins. Almost 100% success (== valid images) with this check now
+ Added option (C API) to configure levenshtein fuzzyness
+ went to bed :-)
+ Fixed a bug that made the itemcounter to be negative. ("Got -21 images!" he happily replied)
+ Fixed very ugly stringop.c - Many functions should be faster and smoother now.
+ Fixed -w stdout and tracklist. (fwrite didn't recognize \0, as ->size was the duration here)
+ Fixed an ugly bug in photos.c that crashed libglyr if ignoring a URL
+ added provider photos:google
+ reformatted due to trying anjuta as IDE (instead of pure gVim)
+ Replaced ugly remove_html_tags with a more generic version that works completely in-place
+ Removed a few redundant strlen()s
+ added (non-working) albumlist getter which gets all official albums from a certain artist
+ made albumlist getter working. Wohoo.
+ Fixed dumb shortcut bug in glyrc
+ Made finalize() of ainfo,similiar,review,tracklist,albumlist generic, i.e. only call the same function
+ Fixed crash when libcurl put an error to stdout (ouch..)
+ Fixed google names when having spaces (ouch x 2)
+ Did a lot of fixing regarding the API
+ Fixed "broken" review getter. Still slow; needs more sources.
+ Extended src/example.c to use more functions.
+ Tested API (It works, biaatch!)
+ Made 'return GLYRE_STOP_BY_CB;' work.
+ removed Gly_infoat, it was only for devs..
Found some time to work a bit here :-)
+ Added support for google translator (new 'gtrans' getter), lyrics/text can bew translated directly now.
It is a bit restricted atm. as only 100.000 chars are allowed per day per IP address. But I already
requested more. (20x times as much), hopefully it will get through. Also language detecting works.
+ Glyr does now checksumming. This is useful for developers which want to make sure the data is unique.
For normal users: Well, the duplicate check is now as fast as rmlint :-P
+ getopt_long is now getopt_long_only (no --arguments, just -argument or -a)
+ removed call_direct. It's of no use. Not even for devs.
+ removed wikipedia.c for ainfo - never worked. Better provide a link and (relation getter) and let the user render the site (too many information would get lost if glyr would need to parse it)
+ added support for proxy. (only basic libcurl support, should be suffiecient for 99% of all cases)
+ made API *much* slicker & nicer
- CHANGELOG discontinued, use the git commit history instead
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