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Releases: sahib/glyr

Bugfix release for 1.0.10

12 Nov 14:55
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The license of glyr changed from GPLv3 to LGPLv3 (See also #82).
Additionally the lyricswiki provider was fixed (thanks @bugdone)
and quite some typos were fixed (thanks @emillon).

There are more broken providers, but sadly I lack the time/motivation to maintain glyr on a regular base.
Therefore I would happily pass the development of glyr to a new maintainer. Please mail me if you are interested.

Bugfix release for 1.0.8

17 May 11:42
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This release fixes a few bugs and some of the broken providers.
General bugfixes:

  • Support reproducible builds (thanks @emillon, c5fe020)
  • Build problems.
  • Spelling errors.

Fixed providers:

  • lyrics/lyricswikia (thanks Pavel Vasin, @rat4 )
  • cover/slothradio
  • cover/discogs

Thanks to the people doing pull request, while I don't have much time to work on glyr.

Bugfix release

13 Feb 22:58
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Changes since 1.0.7: Fix of done by @domdorn.

Provider bugfix release

08 Jan 13:11
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Mostly with small provider fixes, no new functionality.

Minor bugfix release

08 Feb 11:37
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Bugifxes included: