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Change your website error codes to StarWars™ prequel memes
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Change your website error codes to StarWars®™ prequel memes

Supported Error Codes

  1. 308 - Permanent Redirect
  2. 400 - Bad Request
  3. 403 - Forbidden
  4. 404 - Not Found
  5. 417 - Expectation Failed
  6. 500 - Internal Server Error
  7. 503 - Service Unavailable

Use this site to test that the error codes work. If you want other error codes, just make an issue on this repo and I'll address it.

How to Use

Chrome Extension Store

This extension is available on the Chrome extension store at: Chrome Store.


You can also sideload this extension by following the following directions:

  1. Go to chrome://extensions
  2. Turn on developer mode
  3. Download the zip for this github repo and then unzip the files
  4. Go back to chrome://extensions and click on "Load Unpacked"
  5. Choose the top level directory.
  6. Enjoy :)


308 Error: alt text

400 Error: alt text

403 Error: alt text

404 Error: alt text

417 Error: alt text

500 Error: alt text

503 Error: alt text

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