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This session is implemented in several microsessions.


These are explained in detail in the theory sections toward the end. For now:

  • Our objective is to Operate Useful Software. (not "write code")
  • Our job is mostly exploring. We have some idea where we're aiming, but getting there is a discovery process.
  • Our team is people, software, and tools. Team is "everyone necessary for success." That includes us, the software we operate, and the myriad software tools we use to observe and control the user-facing software.


Reasons to add a language

Medium: Paper53 on iPad with Apple Pencil

Language System API

Medium: README

Benefits of Automation

Medium: borrowed SVG; keynote

Levels of Risk (and impact)

Medium: scented gel crayon; Prezi

I made a blog post about this a while back if you're rather read that.

Motivation: our Seamap

Medium: felt; keynote.

Mental Models

Medium: watercolor pencil and string; keynote

This is expressed fully in The origins of Opera and the Future of Programming


Medium: README

Seamap of this talk

title slide

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