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I re-wrote my blog using a new stack of web technologies including:

  • ASP.NET Core 2.2
  • Entity Framework Core 2.2
  • Vue 2.x
  • Bootstrap 4
  • Azure Websites and Azure Blob Storage
  • Microservices

This code runs in the wild at with Microsoft Azure

How to customize that blog for my needs

  1. create an empty SQL database (MS-SQL) and write down your credentials.
  2. save the MannsBlog/config.json as MannsBlog/config.Production.json (in MannsBlog and MannsBlog.Data) and fill it with your credentials (at least specify the MannsDb:ConnectionString).
  3. if you already have blogposts you can replace the dummies in MannsBlog/MemoryRepository.cs with them.
  4. open MannsBLog.Data/MannsInitializer.cs and search for var result = await _userMgr.CreateAsync(user, "P@ssw0rd!"); and replace @Password with a new strong password.
  5. Do a dotnet ef database update in MannsBlog.Data (it prepares the database and seeds your prepared blogposts to the database).
  6. To add new blogposts, you can use Tools like Open Live Writer ( Just add "livewriter" after your domain (e.g. https://yourdomain/livewriter). The API is compatible to MetaWeblog.
  7. The implemented (non database) datasources are stored as json objects in MannsBlog/Data. Its services are placed in MannsBlog/Services/DataProviders.
  8. The Views are defined in MannsBlog/Views and can changed there. All needed controllers for that views are placed in MannsBLog/Controllers.
  9. Have a lot of fun.
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